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Porsche summer wheels and tyres


Porsche summer wheel and tyre sets combine individuality with classic sports car design, and meet every standard you would expect from Porsche.

All the summer tyres are N-rated to signify that they are tested and approved for your car. This means your vehicle will continue to provide the high standards of driving safety for which Porsche is renowned. The tyres have been optimised to produce less noise and their low rolling resistance improves fuel economy. In short, the ‘N’ specification guarantees optimum driving pleasure.

Please view the Tequipment accessories finder for the full selection of summer wheels and tyres from Porsche Tequipment, as well as further product information, part numbers and prices.

For more information about Porsche summer wheels and tyres, including wheel and tyre storage costs, or to place an order, please call 0191 2041902 to speak to our Parts Department