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Project 356 World Rally Tour: Antarctica



Renée Brinkerhoff has rallied her Porsche 356 around the world for an important cause, and now she'll drive her re-engineered sports car on skis through the harsh conditions of Antarctica. After a delay of nearly two years, Renée Brinkerhoff is preparing for the final stage of her Project 356 World Rally Tour with her faithful 1956 Porsche 356 A. The amateur rally driver has already raced the classic sports car on six continents, on every type of terrain – an extreme endeavour for any individual, let alone one driving in a classic 65-year-old racer. She is now looking to check off the final land mass by putting the Porsche to the ultimate test, traversing 587 kilometres – 356 miles – in Antarctica. We wish Renée the best of luck on this latest adventure. 

Whilst the North of England isn’t quite as cold or snowy as Antarctica and we are not yet in the business of fitting skis and tracks to customer cars. We do however offer a range of winter wheels and tyres sets for the current Porsche model line-up.

Winter and sporty performance go hand in hand. After all, your Porsche is the ideal companion for every season. Porsche Tequipment’s winter wheels don’t just visually harmonise with your vehicle, they also meet the highest requirements in terms of quality, safety and driving pleasure. They provide optimum performance- even when it’s cold outside.

Prices start from as little as £ 2,235.00 incl. 20% VAT for a set of wheels and tyres. Please contact a member of our parts team on 019 295 1234 for more model specific information and pricing.