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Winter Wheels and Tyres

Porsche Winter Wheels and Tyres


Even when the temperatures drop, your confidence doesn't.


Performance isn't bound by the seasons, it thrives in every weather. Winter and sporty performance are a perfect match, and your Porsche stands as the ultimate partner in every season. Porsche Tequipment's winter wheels aren't just a visual complement to your vehicle; they also uphold the most stringent standards in quality, safety, and driving enjoyment. These wheels deliver peak performance even in the harshest cold.

There us no substitute for N-rated Winter Tyres from Porsche Tequipment. When the temperatures drop bellow 7 °C, the rubber compound in summer tyres can harden and reduce performance, as well as increase breakinf distance by up to 12%.


Rain, snow or frost, whatever is around the corner, you and your Porsche will be up to the challenge with Porsche Winter Tyres.


To learn more about the Porsche Winter Tyres Range, feel free to contact our Parts department on  0191 295 1234  or via email on info@porschenewcastle.co.uk .